Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For Boys and for Girls

So, I've been working on this design for quite some time. The messenger style bag is one, in my opinion, that really calls for careful design consideration. It's a basic need a main pouch and a flap that covers the opening of the main pouch. Once you have that, there's a world of opportunity. I like to keep designs clean and simple. Functional and extremely well made. So, I put a lot of emphasis on lines. I really like to use stitching as a way of articulating an aesthetic. So, the color of the thread with a particular fabric is so so important. As well, the shape of things. I spent a long time getting the angle of the top flap just right. It's slightly tapered, so it mirrors the overall shape of the bag. Hardware is another important thing. I've spent hours and hours trying to find the right snaps and rivets. Details, stitching, color and shape. Simplicity is complicated.
Oh, and the bag is so universal. Unlike the Market Bag and the Fraulein Tote, which have a very feminine feel, the messenger is pretty non-gendered. I've been working towards that for quite some time. I'm super excited about this bag. Take a look on etsy, I posted one this morning.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Felt Tanks!

I came across this image of Lisa Soloman's felt tanks this morning...and wow! They're really quite nice. I have not seen her work before, but I'll certainly be keeping note of what she's up to. Take a look at her site. The drawing a day project is really nice as well. While looking through her site It brought to mind the chain link spider webs of Jim Hodges

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sage Frauleins

Take a look at the newest of the Fraulein Tote's: Sage brushed canvas lined with gray ripstop. I love the combination of sage and gray quite a bit...and it works really well with this style. I put it up on etsy...I'll write more later....there's so much going on, I can't wait to share.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


If you have not heard of What, then you should sidle on over to this great shop full of fabulous independent design. We took a look and were thrilled when they approached us about participating in their Fall Design Guide. It's a great collection. I'm certain I'll be trying to get my hands on the lovely wall graphics by One Up Designs Or, perhaps the Zenv Blue watch by Nooka It's the kind of watch that will make you begin to wear watches.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Fraulein....again

The Fraulein Tote is a rather precise design. It relies on precision with seams, stitch lines, hardware and logo placement in order to be made properly. As a result, adjustments to seemingly small details make for huge improvements. One of the great things about making a bag over and over by hand is you really know the design and how it works with various materials. This bag is one of my most favorites in design because of the clean lines and its versatility in shape. After running completely bone dry on the brushed gray canvas I was worried I wouldn't find an adequate replacement. Well folks, the worry is over! While searching deep in the recesses of the fabric wholesaler I regularly visit, I came across the most stellar of materials...deep brown brushed canvas. This is the kind of material I've been longing to find. And, I think you all are going to love it. It's in limited supply as well, so get them while you can!

I've posted a few shots of the bag's versatile shape. You can find it on etsy
I'll be updating the website's going through a major overhaul(don't'll be real good)

p.s. that photo above...they're all the same bag. the fraulein tote!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

limited run

So, much to my dismay, I've run completely out of the gray brushed cotton used to make the fabulous Fraulein Tote. I've searched high and low to no avail. I'm trying out a few new materials for the bag (actually, I think they'll make terrific substitutes). I should have a few posted by the end of the weekend.

I've also, just started a new batch of the duffel. They're really nice!
I purchased a hand press to attach snaps and rivets. I'm pretty excited about it. The new duffel's will have really nice snaps and perhaps a rivet or two!

Enough about materials. I took this photo while we were swimming on the banks of the Connecticut River. There's an amazing spot you can steal away to, complete with a rope swing, sand and a lounging tree. I love living in Massachusetts.

There were no disasters today. Just, a lot of hard work. And! I'm now completely caught up, which means I can work on some new designs. The last 2 weeks have taken a lot out of me. I'm ready for the tides to turn.

In other news, I'm hoping to head up to Keene, NH this weekend. I heard they are having a fall festival with some crazy amount of Jack-O-Lanterns....26,000! And they're lighting them all! I'm so there.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a sickness, a death and a fire

Yes, these are all excuses for not going to work....but really, in our little world here, they all came true. All in the space of the last 9 days. Last Monday, while toiling away at my hourly day job, I suddenly came down with feverish, stomach achiness and went home early. While home napping, my mother called to say my Grandma had passed on to the mysterious realm of whatever happens after earth (she had a fantastic life, 97! and it was a bit of a relief..she'd been so very very sick for the last year and a half. she's happier now...i'm sure.) So, my little 9 year old and I went down to visit my humongous family, which was nice. We then tried to come home. The fun began somewhere around New Jersey, where my daughter got real sick. It turns out, my sisters kids were sick while we were all visiting, but they were so excited to see us, they would not stay condemned to their rooms. She was so miserable on the drive back we decided to call it a day and get well before arriving back home (the husband is so busy right now, getting sick would be disasterous). After holding back her long hair while she vomited so so much, a bit of laundry (in a somewhat sketchy laundromat in the scenic garden state) and a spontaneous haircut in the parking lot, she was feeling better (I a bit worse for the wear). This, however, delayed our return home by a few days, which in turn delayed our pending etsy shop orders, which in further turn made me very pooped. SO, with two days vacuming and cleaning the house from top to bottom (to assure we were completely decontaminated..argh!) I was finally able to sit down to my machine and sew.

Just when I felt I was catching up, having missed lots of the hourly day job and lots of sewing time, I sewed until 1:30 in the am (not unusual here), packaged up some bags for shipping then collapsed in bed, next to the sleeping husband. When what to my wondering ears should I hear but the fire alarm. Now, we live in a giant converted mill building, so when I hear the fire alarm I usually get a little het up. And, at 2 in the morning, hearing that nerve wracking sound, one's internal instinct tends to take over and somehow manages to get the girl, the husband, sweatshirts, pants, blankets and the cell phone and get the hill out of the building. As it turns out, it wasn't a false alarm. But, the fire was small and contained and produced more smoke than would seem to come from a fan short-circuiting on the desk of a lawyers office. But, it meant from 2am to 4am we were standing in the parking lot with a slew of shivering kids and a bunch of punch-drunk adults. Two hours of blissful sleep finally came around 4:20-ish when we finally settled everyone back in bed then arose to go again to the hourly job, which when you only sleep for 2 hours, begins very early.

Alas, my story ends with a well child, a tired mom, a still at work husband, a cozy couch, a warm laptop, Fraulein Maria and green walnut tea. So, it's bed now...goodnight.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Brown Corduroy....

We finally made the Market Bag in brown corduroy, and there's nary a complaint here. It's really come together nicely. The girl says she wants one, so we says, sure. She'll get her's soon.
I've not introduced "the girl" to you all out there yet. She's nine and stunning. nuff said.
Market Bags on etsy.
p.s. the boy makes music...hence, the amps (revert to first post, where music making things mix with sewn objects)

p.p.s. the boy's stunning, too.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

We're on Trunkt!

Market Bag in Sage by MoopMarket Bag in Sage

We're now on Trunkt, and quite excited. We just joined, so the portfolio is a bit sparse, but we're working on some new bags this very weekend (sage lined with gray, why did it take us so long?)
Take a look: