Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For Boys and for Girls

So, I've been working on this design for quite some time. The messenger style bag is one, in my opinion, that really calls for careful design consideration. It's a basic need a main pouch and a flap that covers the opening of the main pouch. Once you have that, there's a world of opportunity. I like to keep designs clean and simple. Functional and extremely well made. So, I put a lot of emphasis on lines. I really like to use stitching as a way of articulating an aesthetic. So, the color of the thread with a particular fabric is so so important. As well, the shape of things. I spent a long time getting the angle of the top flap just right. It's slightly tapered, so it mirrors the overall shape of the bag. Hardware is another important thing. I've spent hours and hours trying to find the right snaps and rivets. Details, stitching, color and shape. Simplicity is complicated.
Oh, and the bag is so universal. Unlike the Market Bag and the Fraulein Tote, which have a very feminine feel, the messenger is pretty non-gendered. I've been working towards that for quite some time. I'm super excited about this bag. Take a look on etsy, I posted one this morning.

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