Monday, October 22, 2007

The Fraulein....again

The Fraulein Tote is a rather precise design. It relies on precision with seams, stitch lines, hardware and logo placement in order to be made properly. As a result, adjustments to seemingly small details make for huge improvements. One of the great things about making a bag over and over by hand is you really know the design and how it works with various materials. This bag is one of my most favorites in design because of the clean lines and its versatility in shape. After running completely bone dry on the brushed gray canvas I was worried I wouldn't find an adequate replacement. Well folks, the worry is over! While searching deep in the recesses of the fabric wholesaler I regularly visit, I came across the most stellar of materials...deep brown brushed canvas. This is the kind of material I've been longing to find. And, I think you all are going to love it. It's in limited supply as well, so get them while you can!

I've posted a few shots of the bag's versatile shape. You can find it on etsy
I'll be updating the website's going through a major overhaul(don't'll be real good)

p.s. that photo above...they're all the same bag. the fraulein tote!

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