Thursday, November 15, 2007


Somehow, with all of the sewing I've been doing (I'm almost completely caught up on orders)(woot woot), I've been able to reserve a day and a half for a quick trip to Chicago. Jeremy has an opening at Deadtech. It's going to be a good show. He's built a self playing guitar and drum set (a robot band). And, I believe there's going to be a performance with an ex band mate (from Joan of Arc days).

The whole thing is really amazing. If you happen upon Chicago this weekend, you should take the time to see it...really, you should.

On another note, for all of you who visited the etsy shop in the last few days and asked the question, "Did you get robbed?!" (someone did ask, really.) Don't worry, I was not robbed. I've been working on a rather large order as well as trying to catch up on the already placed orders. For one person to sew as much as I need to over the next few weeks, I had to build in a buffer, so everything came down, for only 2 days. The timing actually worked out quite well. I've been working on some new color combinations and re-photographing everything. And, there's new materials, too! So, over the next few days, you'll see everything return to the etsy shop...some even went up tonight!

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