Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Handmade Baby

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

The folks over at found our Market Bag in sage, and we love that they've picked up on its "diaper bag without making you look like you've lost all hip-ness 'cause you've entered the world of kid" design. When my daughter was younger, it seemed every diaper bag was either covered in embroidered disney characters or made from pastel pinks, blues and yellows. I refused to let having a kid turn me into a bland, generic label of motherhood carrying a pastel pink bag with winnie the pooh on it. From this protest, came some of my best experiences with sewing. It's really how I learned to sew. And, I guess it's continued in full force since then.

Oh, and your kid can be hip too. There's this woman who makes shirts for kids and babies. She's got some great designs. I particularly like the elephant with roller-skates...who could resist an elephant in roller-skates? Go take a look, her shop is called Birdlette

So, as I end tonight's post and head off to finish math homework with the super hip nine year old kid, I urge you to not be generic! There's a lot of people making things by hand and making them well. Support them!

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