Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moop (in a cross between orange, red and cranberry)

I'm just so thrilled (and slightly shell shocked) at how well you all have received Moop. So thrilled in fact, that when completely ready to collapse (literally) I took a sip of my Yerba Mate (dropped off by my concerned friend Josh), a wild surge of energy came over me (the claims are true, it's the drink of Gods (or very industrious people)) and I made up a new bag.
That's right. After finishing an order for 55 bags and facing mounds of waiting orders (that will soon be on their way out of here like marching ants...marching in droves to their new homes), I went and sewed up a new bag. We all like it here. Jeremy, Wendy (that's me), Parker, Megan (our friend)...all of us like it. And, we think you will too. I'll be posting it tomorrow, after I photograph it. It's not as red as it looks in this photo (the tungsten...oh, the tungsten!). It's more of an orange red with hints of brown (I know, sounds like I'm describing a wine). But, like wine, I think this material will age well. It's a fine wale corduroy with the right amount of stiffness and lined in a new material I found. Cordura ripstop, that feels and acts like a cotton/poly blend (only much prettier than most cotton/poly blends). It's a lighter shade than the outside, but still in the same hue family. I love tone on tone. And, it's completely washable (pretty much all the bags are).
Now, onto some pressing questions. Many of you have asked...How am I going to fill all these orders? Well, you know that guy that's in all the new photos for the Duffel and the Messenger?, well, he's my husband. And, we've been talkin' 'bout all this, and we're going to have to become a collective. So, Moop is now two people. One me, and one him. And, I couldn't be more pleased. He's great to work with.
Being a collective feels good.


  1. Thats so great Wendy... love the new bag!

  2. Congratulations, both on your success and your collective! I love the new bag- what a gorgeous color.


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