Friday, November 2, 2007

The New Duffel

Okay, so there's some big news here at Moop. I left my full time day job to work full time on Moop. I can't even express how excited I am. Already it's paid off. Since Monday (when I left the job) I've been sewing like crazy to catch up on orders and make some new designs. You saw the Messenger yesterday. I'm so in love with the Messenger. I'm making some in a few other colors, they'll be available by mid next week.

I also re-made the Duffel. It's a much better design now. I've added some outside pockets and a large slip pocket on the back. I've also invested in a snap attaching device. So all of my snaps are much more durable and heavy duty. Take a look, I just posted one on etsy.

Next the website (I need a good web designer...know anyone?)


  1. Congratulations on quiting your job! The bags are fantastic and they've been one of the most popular items in the WHAT independent design guide.

    Best regards,
    WHAT blog
    WHAT designers

  2. I am using Aeolida. I just started, but if you look at their portfolio, you can see they are pretty cool!

    Congrats on going full-time!

  3. WHOA! No more day job. Pretty Pretty.
    I just caught your blog!

    Expect an email in a few days!


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