Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to take out a coffee stain and save a new shirt

A brand new white t-shirt, worn for not more than an hour, attracts a coffee stain.

After the initial argh! of complaint, and after having come to terms with a new white t-shirt that has a coffee stain, I decide...tackle said stain and salvage new shirt.

So, I pulled out my copy of Green Clean to find a recipe for removing stains. Not only is this book printed on recycled plastic pages, it's also chock full of the most incredible potions for cleaning the clean way...sans chemicals. It's simple to convert to non-chemical cleaners, too. Especially when you get to make them yourself with things like lemon verbena, vinegar, borax and lavender.

I looked up coffee stains. Since the stain had already set in, I followed the recipe for dried tea stains. Which is:

Drape stained fabric over a bowl or basin
sprinkle with laundry borax until the stain is thickly covered
Pour a pot of hot water around the stain working toward the center

I didn't have any laundry borax, so I used Mrs. Meyers Surface Scrub (geranium scent, of course). I'm not quite sure what laundry borax is, but it seemed it would have a similar texture to a granular scrub cleaner. I'm not sure if there's a valid logic to this rational, but my parents always had a shaker of boraxo, which was also granular, boraxo...borax....surface scrub...hmmm.

Regardless, I covered the stain in the surface scrub, let it sit for about 10 minutes then poured boiling water over the Mrs. Meyers and the stain. I kid you not, the stain vanished...vanished! It's the wonder stain remover. Go ahead, spill some coffee on your new white t-shirt and then try to remove it. It'll be good as new when you're done. NEW I tell ya!

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  1. Geranium is my favorite! I wonder if the scrub will work on wine stains! Did you see they make a Basil scent now?

    For another double duty tip: the stainless steel cleaner works great on my wooden coffee table.


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