Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a sigh and a mess

So, this evening, I finally got the last of the orders that were promised for Christmas, in the mail. And, I really really want to go to sleep (and, I just might get to). Before I do, I want to publicly say "thanks a bunch!" to all of my kind and patient customers who anxiously waited an extra week for their packages, which will arrive just in time for that lovely morning when lots of people like to surprise and be surprised by fun presents.

I do not like having to send late notices out to people, and I've had to in high numbers over the last few weeks. It's really been 3 months of total mayhem. All of the attention surrounding Moop has been wonderful, and rapidly increasing...I'm still a bit shell shocked and trying to keep up. But, everyday I learn ways of better accomplishing the things I need to in order to keep filling orders and designing new bags. Most recent addition....Quickbooks (thanks Jeremy!). I never thought I would be so excited about accounting software.

*sigh* I think the above photo gives a good representation of the daily state of things here in the Moop household...I'm not going to try and analyze it too much, as I'm super tired and feeling a bit delirious...usually when I say the most stupid I'll save you all from my ramblings (as I ramble)

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  1. take a deep breath and enjoy your holiday. you deserve it.


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