Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow Angel

Today started with The Misfits (circa 1985, of course) and ended with Ornette Coleman. Yes, the day went as you might expect with a range of that sort. I began by sewing..and making good progress. When, after several hours, intensely focused on what I was doing and hunched over my Juki, I looked out the window to see snow! For a while it felt like I was inside a snow globe, looking serenely out the window while snow fell wildly but gently, covering everything in a beautiful blanket. Then, the thought crossed my mind that school might close early. But, this is Western Massachusetts, surely they won't close school for a bit of snow!? (I grew up in the D.C. Metro area, where everything closed if anyone even mentioned the word snow...and throngs of people would rush the supermarkets for bread and milk, fearing mountains of snow embalming streets and was usually unnecessary mayhem) Moving to Massachusetts, I expected hearty souls braving the weather no matter what! But the snow kept falling...and fast too! Intuitively, perhaps, if not a bit late, I picked up the phone and saw I had missed 3 calls. All from Parker. All around 9am (it was now noon) and all saying school was being let out at noon. Needless to say, I had to rush out of the house, clear the car, and drive to her afterschool program to pick her up. Normally a 10 minute took almost an hour to get there. it's now past midnight and still snowing. There must be at least 10 inches. I didn't get today's packages out due to the weather, so tomorrow will be spent sending emails apologizing for the snow and my far, those purchasing a Moop bag from me have been so nice about any delays in the production process. It's nice to know that people understand handmade takes time and patience and in the end pays off with a beautiful reward.
Now, I must sleep (if I'm to accomplish what I would like to tomorrow). But I'll leave you with an image of a snow angel Parker made in the parking lot tonight...

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