Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vegan Indulgence

So sorry for the lag in postings. We arrived home from the Craftacular late Sunday night. The event was quite fun. It was really great to meet everyone who came out and came by! I think the whole thing restored my belief that humans are innately good. I was really excited by how nice everyone was. Just so very nice! We really appreciated everyone's comments and complements. It made the whole weekend worth thanks!

So, I started sewing out of protest to sweatshop labor....but, I arrived home to face the reality that I have created my own, right here in my apartment. I have an inhuman amount of sewing to do this week. But the best forms of relating come from immersed experience (I'm well aware that my experience does not needs are being met). My years of protest to industries that facilitate sweatshop labor have been renewed and bolstered over the last six months. It's so important that we hold corporations accountable for actions that act in gross negligence to human integrity. So, my fellow connoisseurs of handmade and independent design....resist! Change is happening.

One last note to end my soapbox and start my sewing. I think all of you should make a visit to Vegan Honey. The best...BEST I tell you....vegan twinkies anyone could imagine. They're perfect. And even more perfect on this lovely tea plate from Porcelainandpaper. She makes really fantastic stuff. Go...take a look!

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  1. Right ON! Have you read No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies by Naomi Klein? It probably isn't anything you don't already know...but it's good.

    Also, check out the amazing project by Terese Agnew called "Portrait of a Textile Worker." Amazing.


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