Thursday, January 10, 2008

new bags

If any of you were watching, yesterday afternoon I made a few of the new bags available. The new hip pouches are great, and in two sizes, too! I redesigned the belt loops on them, and now I don't hate making them. I could never get those little loops straight the way I had been doing it. But, everyday I get better at what I do, and the belt loops feel like a huge accomplishment.
I also added a new Market Bag color. It's deep brown canvas lined in plum brown supplex. It might be better described as mauve-ish (I'll have to consult a color swatch book on that). I'm pretty excited about this one. The lining is made of supplex, which is water resistant, super strong, and comes in really great colors. It also happens to work perfectly with the brown canvas I've been using. it has a slight red tone to it, but the plum really neutralizes the two and brings a nice earth toned balance.
More later.....

1 comment:

  1. yay! I bought mine today and know it will be a new fav! You don't happen to be planning to make padded laptop sleeves in the future? I love your style and could see that being a good addition to slip into the market bag! ok, so that's my new wish : )
    Best! Linda


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