Friday, January 11, 2008

boxes of bags

This week has been quite busy. Although, nothing like the month of December...I'm not sure how I made it through that month (*ahem* thanks jeremy, parker, megan and marlene!) I will forever be much more prepared for Decembers.

These bags all went out on Wednesday. It was completely satisfying.

This week I've been able to get caught up and I am on schedule now! Monday's orders will be ready for Monday's post and it makes me happy.
Tonight I watched a movie with my daughter and I'm even going to look at some pretty, new books that have been waiting to be opened. A duo of books put out by the Kyoto Costume Institute (published by Taschen), they're aptly titled Fashion. And they're beautiful.
Oh, and Jeremy gave me a new Slavoj Zizek film for x-mas, The Reality of the Virtual. It has an amazing deconstruction of the Sound of Music. I think a perfect pairing for the, what it means to be real and chamomile tea (for the nasty cold that's brewing).
hmmm...and I'm not going to sew.


  1. I think my box was right on top, as I received my bag and pouch yesterday... I'm in love... with Moop.

    Thanks so much for everything Wendy!

  2. I received my bag yesterday, too! I am so completely in love with it, I almost took it to bed with me. It's almost like having a beloved blankie to carry around town.

    A ton of thanks for making bags with such love and skill.


  3. yep, i think mine was in there too. unsurprisingly, i really really like it. thanks!


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