Friday, January 4, 2008

my favorite things so far this year

I'm still sewing through orders that were placed mid-December, so this will be quick. I should be completely caught up by this weekend, though and I'm super excited. Even more exciting though, we've hired a friend to come and hang out with Parker once a week so we can go out! We're going to have a social life this year and I'm thrilled.
Now, on to more interesting things:
Au Revoir Simone - this is the music I've been wanting to hear.
The Tova Shirt from Wicksten Made - I can't wait to get one...really, I love this. I think I want a dress, too.
The return of Dear Birthday - she's given us a peek at what she's working on, her spring line is surely going to be good...and i'm surely going to be buying.
The new Moop bags - there's no photos to show yet...but a big surprise is coming next week for all of those who've been following the market bag....I can hardly contain myself I'm so excited....hint, one word, one syllable...sage.
That's it for today....back to the machine.

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  1. hi wendy, thanks for turning me onto your blog! i'm keeping an eye out for your next update, can't wait!!!! linda


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