Sunday, January 27, 2008

Needle in a green-ish haystack

Here's a small look inside the warehouse of my fabric supplier. This is where I go to hunt and hunt for all of the fantastic materials I use in the bags. It's a place I have a love hate relationship with. I love to go and search and find amazing things. But, I hate to go back and try to find that thing again, because it's near impossible. It's a 50,000 square foot warehouse full, floor to ceiling with fabric. They don't even know everything they have. So, when you pull something out, it comes to the front. It's cut, then returned to someplace very different than where it came from, making it quite difficult to find the same thing twice. I'm now producing at a higher volume, so when I find something, I buy it all, and now my house is beginning to look like the warehouse.
One thing I find so great about this place, though, is much of the material was produced in US mills before they all closed. The quality is unbeatable. They really don't make things like they used to! When I was very first sewing (before I had a wholesale license, and knew any better) I would frequent that big box fabric chain (you all know the place I'm referencing)...and their fabric is so clearly different. The quality is frustratingly cheap (in every sense of the word). So, rest assured. When your order a Moop bag, you are getting only the finest material...and we're not producing new materials for our use. We're using up the stocks of material in existence. They best way to green your life, is to use what already exists.


  1. Where is your amazing fabric warehouse? I am always looking for good fabric stores (though my closet nor my boyfriend agree). I live in western MA...

  2. Yes, please share the wealth! Or at least give us a hint! I live in NYC, where most of the good fabric stores have moved out of the city due to increasing rents. I have been lamenting their loss for the last three years... my credit card starts burning a hole through my pocket everytime I walk into Mood.

    Love your bags and your sites- hope to order one soon!

  3. yes please, please! and i agree with kelly, my husband, nor my 500 square foot apartment will appreciate it!


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