Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some things to do

I made a quick trip to New York City yesterday to see if I could find a better supplier for some of the hardware I use on my bags. I didn't find a new supplier, but, I did think a lot about the many other things I'd like to do in New York City. Here's a few:

The Material Connexion Library, I'm sure you would need some swanky industry credentials to get in.....but, I may try anyway. Jeremy and I have been building a materials catalog collection. He's been organizing everything by type of material and/or material uses. But, they're catalogs....not the materials themselves. I want to see the materials.

The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. A few years ago, while in Switzerland, Jeremy and I went to a Droog exhibition. It was far and away one of the best museum exhibitions I've ever been to. That experience has made every exhibition I've been to since feel like a total let down. It's also left me with such a feeling of longing. Like meeting the love of your life once, knowing you had just met, then never meeting again. I love Droog. So really, a visit to the Hewitt is an attempt at running into Droog. I know it won't happen, but I'd like to try.

The Costume Institute at the Met, I love well made things and I'd love to see all of the workmanship on display. I've heard the collection is pretty fantastic...I wouldn't expect otherwise.

I may be in the city again on Friday and I may try to do a few of these things.

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