Thursday, February 28, 2008

Moop...always sewing

February has been much slower than previous months. It's been a good opportunity for me to try and get ahead on orders. Over the last 2 days I've sewn 45 Market Bags (as seen above), which all went out with this mornings mail. I've also been able to shorten my turnaround time from 3 weeks to 2 weeks! So, every order placed after February 25th should arrive about 2 weeks later...yay!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Navy and Gray

I finally had an opportunity to photograph the new navy blue Market Bag. Navy and gray are superb colors together. Always have been. I don't ever pay attention to the seasonal colors, color forecasts and whatnot...but, I'm certainly feeling like I should lighten up a bit in hopes of warmer weather. So, I'm moving from charcoal to navy. I know, I know! where will I stop?! Soon, I'll be wearing only heather gray! *looks down, takes note of black sweater with heather gray t-shirt*

Anyway, check out the new bag, then check out these bands:
Sam Prekop (of Sea & Cake...check them too)
Human Bell
Beat Happening

We just ordered some new CD's which came in the mail today, along with the newest issues of Make and Wired. It Was A Good Mail Day. Beat Happening was not in the new CD package. It's old. But, I rediscovered them this week while working and Oh, Boy do I love them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Diaper Bags for Frauleins

My sister-in-law came for a visit this weekend. She brought two of her six children along. The newest one (3 months old) I met for the first time. And she, friends, is quite the charmer. I know, I know, every one loves pictures of babies (and I'm not trying to compete with cuteoverload) but, really are they talking to each other here?

Parker was especially excited. The visit was a surprise. The challenge was driving to the airport with Parker being none the wiser. Jeremy decided to tell her we needed to pick up a friend of his from the airport. Seems innocuous enough, right? Mind you, she believed the friend story no problem, but Jeremy had to take it a step further (always looking for opportunity that one). His friend, it turns out, was blue. Which she believed because she had been watching Oprah with her friend's mom when the person who really does have blue skin was on, so it seemed a bit weird to her, but not unlikely.

It didn't stop there.

The friend was coming with his parents and brother...all blue. The brother, though, thought he was a dog, had a tendency to bark and was 25. And, up until a few weeks ago, had a habit of biting people. Since there wasn't enough room in the car for everyone, Parker was going to have to sit next to the barking, biting, blue brother. Try keeping a straight face when your 10 year old believes an entirely blue family (including one who barks and bites) is coming to stay at our house is a difficult task.

We arrived at the airport and drove through the pick-up line a few times looking for this blue family, Parker all the while on the verge of tears for fear she would be bitten. Until she saw my sister-in-law and her kids standing waiting for us. She jumped out of the car and ran with excitement to see them. SoOO much excitement!

The problem is, she still thinks this family exists and wouldn't even walk down the hall to get the mail on her own (her daily job). I'm just waiting for the nightmares to start....thanks Jer.

Anyway, the visit was great. I gave my sis. a Fraulein Tote (as she just had her 6th baby and needed an ample bag). It was amazing how well it worked as a diaper bag. I know there's a lot of you out there using Moop bags as diaper bags, and I love to hear back about how well they work. But, this first hand experience was stellar. Parker is 10 now, and while I remember carrying everything in the world with me when she was an infant. I forgot how much it really is. As it turns out, those memories must not be too far off, because the Fraulein pockets just happen to be perfectly sized for everything a baby needs. One pocket is just the right size for a bottle, one for diapers, one for the small wipe containers, one for pacifiers one for your phone and a big open pouch for blankets, extra clothes, burp cloths, a small pouch and toys. This was such good research! So, I guess I can write the whole weekend off as a business expense, right?

Tomorrow (or as soon as I photograph it), there's going to be a new Market Bag blue!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Tote

The most versatile bag, in my opinion, is the tote. The straight up tote. It's rather gender neutral (if you make it so) it will hold most everything and it looks good with just about anything. Well designed and simple. It's how we like things around here.
One frustration I have with tote bags is when you have just a few things, floppy things, like folders or magazines or paperback books inside and everything slides to the bottom and ruins all the pages. So, I built a magazine pocket into this tote. It's wide enough and deep enough to hold most magazines and manila folders. No more turned corners and rumpled pages.
It's available in the Etsy shop and on Supermarket.
Oh, and if you missed the Etsy featured seller last weekend, Timber...go take a look now. His shirts are so great! I'm not someone who wears t-shirts with graphics on them (it totally screws up my uniform of gray t-shirt, black sweater and jeans or a black skirt) (I know, I've got the most exciting wardrobe). But, I ordered this shirt, and my wardrobe has changed! The graphic is busy but subtle enough on the shirt that it works for me. He's a nice break from everyone else on the planet who screenprints t-shirts.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Terribly sorry about the hiatus. There’s been so much going on here. Not necessarily a lot to write about, but a lot going on. Exciting things like entering our receipts into Quickbooks, organizing a shipping area in the upper loft so I can package boxes without the chaos of the cutting and sewing table, buying a juicer, juicing anything I can find in my refrigerator (this might be the real reason for this post. I bought a juicer. I’m giving up Moop and I’m going to make “As Seen on TV” infomercials on why everyone should own and use a juicer. Breville, you’ve changed my life. I will no longer chew my vegetables. Have you ever tried cilantro, basil, apple, cucumber, parsley juice? How about with a little vodka. It’s like nothing you’ve ever imagined. Okay..maybe not infomercials...instead, a health bar. Juice in the morning, juice mixers at night, then juice in the morning to take care of your hangover. **cough cough**this idea is for sale, please contact if you’d like to talk about liscensing**). I’ve become a fanatic.

Okay, okay I’m not giving up Moop (I’ll just be sewing while all hopped up on carrot juice). I did manage to get one of the Etsy Cooperative ads that will be running in Bust, though. I had been considering running an ad of my own in Bust, but I felt the expense was a little more than I'm ready for at this point. The Etsy idea lets 30 Etsy sellers share the cost of a 2 page full color ad. So, at 2:55 this afternoon I sat down to my computer awaiting the 3:00 hour when the ad spots went on sale.

Clearly the Etsy ad-folks do not have school age children, because school lets out right around this time all across the east coast. So, while I incessantly refreshed my browser, my dear, sweet, patient, understanding 10 year old daughter was standing at the car pick up line, on the coldest day of the year, waiting an extra 10 minutes shivering and shivering while I tried and successfully purchased a one inch ad spot in a fabulous magazine.

Now the decisions. Which image should I use? The Fraulein Tote or the Sage Market Bag. Remember, it’s going to be about 1 inch. I’m leaning towards the Fraulein. What do you think?

The Fraulein Tote

The Market Bag

Tomorrow, I'll be posting some images of a new tote bag. It might just be the perfect tote. I'm pretty excited about it...three colors, holds a lot and looks super good.