Saturday, February 23, 2008

Navy and Gray

I finally had an opportunity to photograph the new navy blue Market Bag. Navy and gray are superb colors together. Always have been. I don't ever pay attention to the seasonal colors, color forecasts and whatnot...but, I'm certainly feeling like I should lighten up a bit in hopes of warmer weather. So, I'm moving from charcoal to navy. I know, I know! where will I stop?! Soon, I'll be wearing only heather gray! *looks down, takes note of black sweater with heather gray t-shirt*

Anyway, check out the new bag, then check out these bands:
Sam Prekop (of Sea & Cake...check them too)
Human Bell
Beat Happening

We just ordered some new CD's which came in the mail today, along with the newest issues of Make and Wired. It Was A Good Mail Day. Beat Happening was not in the new CD package. It's old. But, I rediscovered them this week while working and Oh, Boy do I love them.

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  1. This a lovely color combination. Super for Spring.


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