Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Tote

The most versatile bag, in my opinion, is the tote. The straight up tote. It's rather gender neutral (if you make it so) it will hold most everything and it looks good with just about anything. Well designed and simple. It's how we like things around here.
One frustration I have with tote bags is when you have just a few things, floppy things, like folders or magazines or paperback books inside and everything slides to the bottom and ruins all the pages. So, I built a magazine pocket into this tote. It's wide enough and deep enough to hold most magazines and manila folders. No more turned corners and rumpled pages.
It's available in the Etsy shop and on Supermarket.
Oh, and if you missed the Etsy featured seller last weekend, Timber...go take a look now. His shirts are so great! I'm not someone who wears t-shirts with graphics on them (it totally screws up my uniform of gray t-shirt, black sweater and jeans or a black skirt) (I know, I've got the most exciting wardrobe). But, I ordered this shirt, and my wardrobe has changed! The graphic is busy but subtle enough on the shirt that it works for me. He's a nice break from everyone else on the planet who screenprints t-shirts.

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