Thursday, March 6, 2008

letter to the editor

Dear, Dear, Blogger,

Please will you bring us back to the days when you showed us all the interesting things in the world around us? Please? You've been spending far too much time writing about how you're sewing all the time. And, really we see the photos of the bags, and they're beautiful and all, but give us something else, too. Variety is a good good thing. In fact, we've heard tell you're a big proponent of people doing interesting things, yeah? And, you do interesting things! Like the time you flew to Chicago to be with your boy at his show at Deadtech. And while you were there you heard him put vocals to music for the first time in your whole entire relationship. And it moved you to tears, even though they were not songs about love and such, but you were moved because you saw, for another time, how great he is. And, yeah yeah yeah, you're one lucky bitch, but tell us more. Like when the two of you went to Italy for your honeymoon. Even though the whole month long trip was timed to participate in a residency program that the two of you were accepted into independently of each other. A month in Italy in a really hot room (an old textile factory, to be precise), with a man who only wanted to know what your favorite books and movies were. And you wondered why the two of you had chosen to spend a month in Italy sitting in a room with a man who thought he knew it all (and he might have, he's pretty much a genius...a pompus one, but a genius, still). Further, why you chose to take a working honeymoon (*cough.workaholic.cough* )..but, remember when you rode the funicular to the top of the mountain and had a 5 course meal over looking Lago di Como in a tiny restaurant that was really someone's living room? And they had their own vineyard, and the kind old man showed you how to eat fish, because you didn't know the *proper* way to debone a fish? And it was all by accident. You just wanted a drink, but you ended up spending some of the best hours of your life in this mans living, restaurant. Remember? Your life has not only been about sourcing snaps and d-rings. You do lots of other things too, you're just so into the snaps and d-rings at the moment (cause you're about to run out). Tell us about those things you do, the interesting things you find. We're curious folks, and would love to hear about something every few days. When you leave us hanging for a week at a time, we get all bored, and look elsewhere for interesting people and things. You like things, we like things...let's talk about things.


a pep talker

p.s. tell them about that thing you heard on NPR this morning. Better yet, draw them a picture of it.

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