Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Navy Fraulein

Spring is afoot! The time changed last night. Spring forward is not my favorite day of the year but, it does mean it will begin to be lighter later. I'm so looking forward to evening light. We did have snow last week here in Western Massachusetts, but still I think Spring is having an impact because it was a heavy, wet snow. I'm ready for the winter wonderland of Massachusetts to be gone and the green lush vegetation to come back. This also means the Farmer's Markets and CSA's will be starting up again quite soon. There's a fantastic website called Local Harvest where you can find all of the farm stands, markets and farmers in your area. Two summers ago we were driving from Ohio to Massachsuetts and plotted our course based on the proximity to all of the farm stands using Local Harvest's information. Road food sucks, unless you're able to get fresh snap peas and peaches....then, road food rules!

I also wanted to let you all know, there is a new Fraulein Tote. It's navy blue, lined in the most perfect matte heather gray/charcoal heavy weight cordura. It's a hard color to describe (and photograph), but I'm so excited about it! You'll see it show itself in a few other bags quite soon. For now, check out the new Fraulein on Etsy and Supermarket.

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  1. LURVE your work... that's how I came by your blog, but not why I write this comment. I had a little chuckle to myself when I noticed you mentioned 'Corey' in an earlier post. Thought you might like to know this guy IS for real (a for real tosser!!!) and is currently in the Australian BB house ( So sad that some fellow Australians thought that this guy needed more publicity!

    I'm keeping an eye on your Etsy store. Looking forward to seeing the Hip Pouch back in stock... CUUTE!

    PS. MOOP? Something to do with 'mother of Parker'? Great names BTW... MOOP AND Parker.


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