Saturday, March 22, 2008

some things are really good

A Space Terrearium by Esque Studio...oh, how I need one! I wonder if it comes with a green thumb.
Wenge Series 3-B wall clock by Jason Linde..very nicely done.

The Beehive SoftBowl by Mio. These would be easily filled.

Early Bird Pendant Lamp by Perch! They make all sorts of great stuff, but this really takes the cake.

Furrow Parkade Pendant Light by Propellor Design
I would love to have this in my home/studio.

I can't wait to decorate my home. We have lived here almost 2 years, and have done very little in the way of making it our own. Save for the very actively used work spaces which have rapidly encroached upon our living spaces. Parker's room is the only space in the house that does not store materials or tools for making things...which, I guess, is not entirely true. A lot of handmade things come out of her laboratory. Customized name bead necklaces, Q-tip dolls, parker-sewn pillows. She makes a really good pillow!

Jeremy's opening was a smashing success. I'll post some photos tomorrow. We're still processing...and apparently window shopping.

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