Monday, April 28, 2008

And then the kitty said WTF?

First, she was all "what's she doing..holding me like this?"

Then she was all, "WTF? This has gotten out of hand. She's still holding me here."

You may need to click on the above photos to get the full effect. And, I'm sure this makes me the "cat lady"...first, personifying my cat (you do it, know you do), then posting photos of my cat on my blog...seriously, next I'll have millions of cats and be sewing little booties for all of them, while drinking tea and being wrapped in long fringed shawls.

Also, I've added another adjustable strap Market Bag to Supermarket and Etsy. It is tan canvas lined in light red cordura with brass hardware. Take a look!

p.s. wrinkles are totally in.


  1. the first picture made me laught really hard. that cat is great

  2. Thank you for the best part of my birthday gift, I mean besides all the hugs and kisses and love from everyone... The bag is the next best thing!

  3. Love your shop a lot. Great designs and I have you as one of my favorite shops on my blog too..=D

  4. This is so funny. Especially the cats expression.

  5. HA! Our cats look so much alike! I also have a big poof ball and I love capturing the look on his face when I make him pose for a photo. I make bags too - we might actually have a lot in common :)


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