Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It is eighty degrees here

The last time I was in Florida, Parker was 18 months old and I was running away from an overbearing family. I was 19 when I had Parker and living with my parents. I desperately needed some space..for clarity or independence or who knows what. So, I packed up the car one evening and she and I drove from Northern Virginia to Miami.

Somewhere around North Carolina she started to cry. I can't remember why..too much time in the car seat maybe? Regardless, she cried so hard she threw up all over her car seat (think Monty Python). We were on the road. It was just the two of us, hundreds of miles from anything we knew. I pulled off to a gas station to see if I could clean it up. It was a lost cause. Given the situation, I decided the best solution was to ditch the car seat and buy a new one. So, I found a dumpster (then a Target), tossed the car seat and her clothes and we ventured car seat, new clothes.

Our trip ended up being just what was needed.

Yesterday, I left my house. I was a little nervous and pretty excited and heading (alone) to a fabric show in Miami. I didn't know what to expect. Would anyone take me seriously? Would I ask the right questions? Would I have "newbie" written across my forehead? It's so easy to drum up anxiety where anxiety is not needed. But, I didn't throw up all over the convention center and I didn't need new clothes. I did, however, stick out like a zebra in the neon factory. I was the only person dressed in a skirt, tights, boots and a sweater. I knew it was going to be 80 degrees down here, but it snowed last week in Western Mass. and I guess I just didn't believe that it was actually going to be warm...and tropical...and that I would look so...northern.

Anyway, the trip has been everything I needed. I've come away with a whole new energy about making and designing and where I want to go with Moop. Things are really good.

So, venture on...there's going to be amazing things ahead.

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