Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jeremy Boyle as told by Nick

I know, I never ended up posting photos of Jeremy's show at Hudson Franklin (which ended today). I do apologize. Somehow they all ended up on Jeremy's computer and I kept forgetting to put them on mine...excuses, I know. But, perhaps it was better I didn't because this evening I sat down to read a review of the show. It was posted today and written by one of Jeremy's students, Nick.
I am constantly reminded of how amazing Jeremy is, but to hear how he's affected one of his students really makes for a nice evening. If you're interested in reading it and hearing about the show, you can find it posted on Artist Organized Art, or click here. It's well worth it. Nick is funny and intelligent and right on with his interpretation...enjoy!
(and then, nick and i (and jeremy's mom, if she's interested) are going to start a fan club...jeez! sorry for being so gushy!)


  1. I can think of a few other people who would be on the development committee of said fan club!!!!!
    me, Deasy...

  2. i thought you two already had one going? could i join yours?


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