Friday, April 25, 2008

lights and fishes

We went to the Aquarium last weekend. Parker thought it was pretty great. Her mom (me), however, felt those giant fish and lonely looking penguins needed much more space to roam.

And, who knew? Glitter fish do exist outside of kindergarten classrooms!

My first lobster roll. I've lived in New England for almost 2 years and had never had's a right of passage, I'm sure.

This has nothing to do with the aquarium but I thought you might be interested in seeing Jeremy's tiny flourescent light. I was enamored by it.


  1. Funny. Lobster rolls at the aquarium!

  2. oh, no! of course not! we drove down to the seaport after we were finished gazing at the beluga whales and sand sharks. we found a little road side fish shack, right on the coast...that's where we found the lobster rolls. I didn't remember to get a photo of the fish stand, but if we ever go back...i'll be sure to.


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