Sunday, April 20, 2008

Moop on Flickr!

I just started uploading photos to Flickr! It's probably the easiest online service I have ever used. I really can't believe it took me so long to join! I've been taking photos for years and muddling around with building websites in clunky website programs (if only I knew dreamweaver!) but, the whole time I should have just been using Flickr. Thanks to all you wonderful people out there who inspired me with your photostreams!

If you visit my Flickr page, you will see images from yesterdays photo shoot. I'm just about done photographing the market bag with an adjustable strap and the new tote bags. I'll be doing the product shots on white backgrounds today and hope to have them available for sale by tomorrow (maybe tonight if I get anxious).

In other news, I've been meaning to write again about Valerie from Dear Birthday. She has the most fabulous undies for sale in her Etsy shop. They're all Liberty of London can't get much better than that for your little tush. She's also having a trunk sale today! If you're in Brooklyn, head on over to Sodafine and see what she's up to!


  1. I love that market bag and want one. I will have to check out your shop. Flickr is the best thing has really encouraged me to get more into my photography...and to buy a new camera this weekend.

  2. I"m in a super giant hurry or I'd write you an email, but I just wanted to let you now I posted your charcoal navy tote as part of a post about Supermarket on my blog here:


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