Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some new bags and an adjustable strap

Tonight I leave you with some photos. They are of a few new bags I'm working on. One looks complicated with all the straps and stuff, but it's not. It's actually very useful (and uncomplicated). It makes a whole lot of sense when you're using it.

The above image is with the straps wrapped around like a big version of the duffel. The bottom image is with the bag all full up. They're the same bag. Nice, eh?

Above is the wool tote. It looks camel brown here, but it's really gray. I just couldn't get the color adjusted properly with the combination light (compact fluorescent and daylight..a bear to balance). Below is the new red Market Bag. I would describe the color as cranberry red. It also has an adjustable strap. A feature that will soon be available as an option on all of the Market Bags.

They will be available in the shop quite soon!


  1. oh the "new" market bags are going to be beautiful!

  2. Really excited to see them go up in your shop! Adjustable strap for the win!

  3. Gah, I wish I had known about the adjustable strap before I bought my market bag...

  4. Beautiful new color market bag, well done!

  5. GASP! That red/orange is GORGEOUS! I recently came across your work on etsy and I want to let you know that I'm saving up for my moop bag right now! (I could have cried when I saw all the burnt red market bags were gone but from the snippet I saw of the new red adjustable strap bag, I quickly composed myself) :)
    I can't wait!

  6. oo, list the duffel soon, please!


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