Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Venus Zine and Moop!

This is apparently the week for us to talk about our little business. There's another article about me and my process of starting Moop and running an Etsy shop posted in the DIY section of VenusZine today. I was totally thrilled when Amy from Venus got in touch to talk shop. She was a perfect conversationalist and gave a great representation of what goes on here. You can read the article here!


  1. Hey Wendy!

    Congratulations on your success...Your story is very inspirational...I can't wait to get my market bag! Way to Go!
    You should be very proud!

    Alison Harris

  2. Hi Wendy! Just received my navy tote today. I absolutely love it and it's so beautifully made! It has that new bag smell :) I wish you the best and can't wait to hear about any new products you're coming out with. Thanks again!

  3. How fantastic! Congrats on your success and of course super, super, superly inspirational! Great work!


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