Tuesday, May 20, 2008

boo for feeling sick

Oh, i felt this coming on a few days ago and simply ignored and ignored thinking, no...I'm not really sick. It's far too nice outside and I haven't been sick since working in that germy doctors office!
But, my immune system is being attacked and I am sick sick and it sucks sucks. So, Im trying to kill this sinus-infection-that-feels-like-the-flu-thing with strong tomato, garlic, parsley juice followed by orange, carrot, ginger juice. It is completely silent in here (a nice sound when sound makes you feel like your head is going to explode) and I want to crawl back into bed but, that would be completely unproductive so, I will spend the day answering emails and doing data entry (and apparently writing run-on sentences). It's glamorous, I know!
So, I apologize if you are waiting for an order....I'm a day or so behind.

**EDIT** uh, watch this instead. i just saw this on the Making it Lovely blog.


  1. I am just getting over one - the perils of late night sewing! Vitamin C powder works miracles. I know everyone has a panacea to offer but this really is brilliant. It'll give you lots of energy too to sew a few more markt bags.

  2. Oh no! Sorry you're down in the sicky dumps! this will make you smile, but don't laugh to hard or you're head will POP




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