Saturday, May 10, 2008

A conversation between Jeremy and Parker over dinner

Parker: Hey Jeremy, we saw a bunny on the bike trail!
Jeremy: Really, you saw a rabbit?
Parker: Yeah, a rabbit.
Jeremy: So, you saw a bunny rabbit?
Parker: Yes, a bunny rabbit.
Jeremy: You said you saw a rabbit!
Parker: That's what I said, a rabbit!
Jeremy: Oh, a bunny rabbit.
Parker: Fine, a bunny rabbit.
Jeremy: Was it Bug's Bunny?
Parker: Who's that?
Me: What! That's it, we're buying a television and getting cable.
Parker: Yay! Then we can watch that Thomas and whoever show where the mouse beats up the cat!
Me: Oh, man...what have I done?!
Jeremy: *laughing*

1 comment:

  1. Parker will write a paper for a philosophy class on this conversation someday!
    Thomas ! So good.


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