Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The End of the Sage

Folks, that lovely vintage brushed sage we've been using for the Sage Market Bag is just about gone! There are 4 in the Etsy shop and 2 in the Supermarket Shop. You can find the Supermarket Market Bags:
and the Etsy Market Bags:
Then, the days of the Sage will be, get one now!


  1. twist my arm why don't you.. :D

    ..i've been putting off purchasing my first moop bag for a little while now, and this sealed the deal, can't miss that sage! thank you for the warning, i can't wait to play with my new bag!


  2. You're NEVER going to make them again?!?!

  3. The lovely brushed sage was a fabulous vintage fabric that is now completely gone. So, unfortunately, the brushed sage Market Bag has seen its day. Not to fear, though, I've been searching high and low for new fabrics. You should see them start to show up in the Market Bags this week. :)


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