Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's always rainbowing here

Yesterday, I was completely holed up feeling like I just wouldn't make it to today (I managed...and I'm feeling much better). I worked all day while watching a steady (and lovely!) spring rain from the window. Parker and I decided to take an after dinner walk during a break in the rain. It was a mostly uneventful walk. Very short. But needed. Upon walking back into the house, we looked to the back of the apartment and out the window to see a double rainbow! I know you're thinking, oh, she thinks she's so smart, seeing double rainbows and all. Really, they happen quite often here. I think it's the shape of the valley we live in. Rainbows just fall in all the time. Still, I always get excited.


  1. Moop - please feel better, I have been following your blog - I'm always intrigued by super creative people. I can't wait to get my bag as it will prove most useful in the Berlin shops- I'm still looking for a suitable 'man sachel" for hubby :)

    Be well and keep sewing :)

  2. I think you was really lucky. It's a lot of time that I didn't see one of them and it's raining from sunday...

  3. What a lovely picture! I just discovered your blog and bags via poppytalk. I make bags too, (on a much, much smaller scale) and I am really impressed by your work and how you have grown your business. I gave you a mention on my blog today, I hope you don't mind :) I would like to own one of your bags someday!

  4. Hi moop,
    lovely picture! Im just wondering if you guys happened to find the crock of gold at the end of the rainbows there? im mean you would probably have found two this time ;)
    I hope your feeling better, im sure its not great for a workaholic to feel under the weather!
    sending you happy healing vibes.


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