Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meet the Porter

We're back in full swing here at Moop. We finally have the new bags photographed and available in the shops. We've introduced a few new colors in the Market Bag. We have wonderful new material. High quality canvas with a soft brushed surface in perfectly neutral colors: Gunmetal Gray, Burnt Olive and Fog. (The burnt olive is just a tad lighter than our most popular brushed Sage...if you liked that, you'll love this!) If you're looking for a little spring vibrancy check out the Provincial Blue and the Rosewood. All are available with an adjustable strap or with a fixed strap.

We also would like you to meet The Porter. Our newest bag. It is very large, perfect for day trips to the lake or seaside book reading at the beach or pool side kid chasing in the burbs. It is lined in water resistant cordura and made from durable canvas. It snaps closed at the top with 4 durable snaps. It's pretty gender neutral making it great for boys and girls (I so wish boys would carry totes more often...boys, if you're out there, get on the boat! buy a tote! they're classy and completely 2008) (and i like boys who carry totes).

You'll also see a few of the Fraulein Totes are back. I will be adding some new colors soon. Likely the Rosewood Cord and Provincial Blue. If you're interested in one of the new colors, let me may just move that up on my list of things to do. You can send me an email: moopshop {at} gmail {dot} com.

All of the new bags are available in either the Etsy shop or the Supermarket Shop (have you all heard how great Supermarket is? Check them out!)


  1. The Porter is a really good name for a bag.
    Makes me want to insist that you see the movie "Priceless." I think that you would really love it (a sweet romantic comedy,old movie-style). Anyways...bags feature prominently as do hotels.

  2. wow that Porter looks nice and roomy! unfortunately I'd probably carry around my whole house if I had that much space to work with- I'd better stick to the frau

  3. Hi, Moop-
    I am new to your blog, but have stalked your shop on etsy for ages! You mentioned a Fraulein in corduroy. I would vote a big, fat, yes to that idea. In fact, I've never bought yet, waiting for a Fraulein in corduroy. The bag of my dreams would be in a neutral cord, but I would certainly be interested in checking out the rosewood. Bring on the cord! Carrie

  4. Any chance we will see the messenger return?!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. this bag is beautiful! i featured the gunmetal market bag on my blog today!



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