Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A new clutch and a big mess

Sorry for the hiatus. We spent a lovely weekend exploring the city of Troy, NY then visiting some friends in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. It was a very nice weekend. Parker was outside the whole time. We live on the top floor of a huge building which means outdoor time isn't quite as spontaneous as living surrounded by land. So, the freedom of the out of doors was a big treat. She and the kids shoveled dirt, listened to frogs, trampled through the woods and they couldn't have been happier. Meanwhile, we hung out inside and watched Kung Fu Hustle. That movie made me laugh a lot. It is funny. If you're into that kind of thing.

So, aside from kung fu parodies and the wilderness, I have been sewing new stuff. I finally was able to photograph the clutch in all of the new materials. I'm particularly excited about the red cord. I only have scraps left from the red corduroy Market Bags, but the scrap piece is exactly the right size for the clutch. That was a great discovery. I'm sure everyone who owns a Market Bag in red corduroy will agree. They're super nice on their own, too! I have one I carry with me everywhere. It fits my wallet, checkbook, a huge pile of receipts, my phone, my Burt's Bees tin of hand balm, chapstick, occasionally some money and....what else, oh all of those annoying membership cards for the various grocery stores. I think I have them from every city I've ever lived in....all, still in my wallet. Anyhow, they will be in the Etsy and Supermarket shops tomorrow, along with a few other colors/fabrics.

Also, the studio is an absolute mess. I really must clean and organize. My work is messy...or I am messy (most likely answer). I know if I would just take a bit of time at the end of each day to clean up, I would be in much better shape. But, really, that's when I start making dinner and cleaning up the dishes from last nights dinner and sorting the mail (or piling it in big precarious piles on the counter) and reading the papers from school and checking the homework and answering emails and taking out the trash and sorting the recycling and feeding the cat and convincing Parker that, yes! she really must take a shower! then doing the bedtime reading (it's currently The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, which is fabulous) and and AND it never ends...so, the cleaning of the studio just doesn't happen. But, it will this week because I'm having a hard time finding things...like, my scissors and the thimble I so wanted this afternoon while I was pinning that heavy cordura. Oh...tomorrow I'll do it.


  1. but without a messy studio, maybe you wouldn't have seen that the market bag scraps are the perfect size for the clutch.
    And, a design professor once said that he didn't trust a neat and tidy studio.
    Yours in messy messes,

  2. And I thought I was the only one running one project into another, not sparing a minute to tidy up. There's always something else to do though, and maybe it's the more creative types that do this? That's my justification anyway...

  3. I can very much relate to your comments about tidying the studio. Mine is exactly the same. Then I spend too much time looking for things under piles of fabric. And the unopened mail. I end up with weeks worth and am forced to go through it all when the reminders for unpaid bills start coming in.


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