Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home Again

Oh, we are finally home from our relaxing week by the lake. We planned the trip with Parker in mind. We decided on the lake front cabin down a gravel road so she could choose between bike riding, swimming or relaxing in the hammock while we took care of all the work we had to do. It turned out that the gravel road was actually a potholed, rock strewn steep incline and the lake scared the bejeebees out of her. I have never seen such a look of terror cross her face as when she first (after an hour of convincing) jumped in the lake. You would have thought a deep sea giant squid had grabbed hold of her feet and chomped them off with how fast her body hit the water then scrambled back up on the dock screaming, "get me out, get me out!" So, she would only get in if I was in the water first and her entire body was on top of a huge yellow raft and no water could touch her, even at that she only stayed in for 5 best.

When we were arranging the rental of the cabin, the one thing we needed (on top of a lake and bike riding terrain) was an internet connection. It was the only way we could have the vacation serve the purpose of Parker relaxing/playing and us acting as though we were relaxing while getting some much needed work done (like doing our taxes). So, when the owner said, "Yes, there's an internet connection." I believed him. Silly me, because I think he meant to say,
"Yes, there's a cell phone signal but no, no, there is no internet connection. No, there's not even a neighbor's signal you could pick up from here. You must be crazy thinking there would be an internet connection here. In fact, I'm not even sure what the internet is. Is that a series of wires and tubes?"
So, I do apologize if I was a bit slow to took me a while to find the right tube and the right wire to get email.

Regardless, we were able to make the launch of the new website happen, thanks to a patient and wonderful team of people over at Supercorp. They are great, I tell ya! They did an awesome job of building the website for us. And, we've already had a fantastic response! Thanks for all of the suggestions, encouragement and support...woo hoo!

So, even though Parker spent more time chatting up anyone who came within 5 feet of the fire place (we'll call her motor mouth) and we didn't really have internet (we just had our iPhones and a cellular card on our computer), I did swim across the lake almost every day and we did ride our bikes to what turned out to be a camel, peacock, horse, vulture and everything in between farm (yeah, I'm still wondering what it was doing in upstate New York). So, some good vacationing did happen.

And, it was needed.

p.s. I'll put some photos from the trip on flickr later this evening.


  1. sounds like a memorable vacation... I just happened upon your blog and love your work.

  2. a reminder that my own son (who has to attend summer school) needs his share of time to loll and laze around, and sleep.

    just saw there's a black Fraulein now---argh, it's lovely!


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