Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The rumors are true! We have been working away with a team of fantastic designers, thinkers and makers to build the moopshop.com website.  It is now live!  Take a look and let us know what you think.  

You'll find all of your favorite bags, such as the Fraulein Tote, which will now be available in Sand and Rosewood.  You will also find a few new colors in the ever versatile and useful Tote as well as The Porter.  We will be adding new designs, colors and fabrics on a regular basis, so set your bookmarks and keep checking back to see what's new.   


  1. Hi - luuuuuuurve all your bags (I'm going to be re-visiting this website to drool!)

    Can I make two comments:-

    The first is to make a suggestion on the Checkout/Your Cart pages? The dustbin/garbage can icon is very small - could this be enlarged or even given a label that indicates this is how to correct or delete items already placed in Your Cart?.

    It's really small to see accurately. Increase/decrease text controls are OK for the rest of the text on the page, but that icon/graphic remains small and unidentified.

    Secondly, is there any specific reason why you do not use any black fabrics? - in amongst all the lovely colours you have it's just something that stands out.

    Good luck with the site.
    Best wishes, L (UK)

  2. The new site looks great - the pictures are gorgeous!!!

  3. I just got a Tote and now the rosewood Fraulein is available.......

    I like the proportions on the webpage; the photos are each worth at least 1000 words. Minor suggestions:

    - maybe a link to your blog from the mainpage? i think it adds a lot to hear from the maker of the bags (you) and your blog has just the right tone.

    --- am feeling like a complete nitpicker to point this out, but "receive" is spelled incorrectly ---- this is on the Shopping Cart page, after one has added an item in the cart and is asked:

    "Where would you like to recieve order
    and shipping messages?"

    it before e except after c......)

    I just saw your new site after tending to a really sick child and it was a nice pick me up!

  4. It's lovely - congratulations! The design and colour scheme set of your photos beautifully and the whole site has a very laid back vibe. I love what you've done with creating your "corporate identity" (ugh what a horrible phrase!)

  5. It came out wonderfully. Aren't websites a massive undertaking? I never realized that until I did mine.

  6. Congratulations Wendy! The website is beautiful and I love the beach photos!

    I'd love to see some more inside shots of the bags. The insides are just as fantastic as the outsides, but they're rarely featured!

    Ooooh - and maybe you can make the moop "m" into the little icon that shows up in tabs and on the favorites list!


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