Monday, June 16, 2008

Rosewood Fraulein's

They're coming! Along with the new Messenger and two new colors in the Tote. But, first, Moop is taking a vacation!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a robot (although I do have a Roomba, and it is quite funny). I need vacations, too! While it's not completely a vacation vacation, it's as close to one as we will get. There is much computer based work to be done, photographing, image editing, preparations for wholesale arrangements, a new website and....taxes. Yes, we are taking a vacation to beautiful Lake Ontario, in a lovely cabin on the water, to do some work. We decided the only way to get it all done, was to leave the work space entirely, otherwise, I'm always in production mode and so tired by the end of everyday I fall asleep while editing images or answering emails (so, if i've ever said anything crazy in an email you received from me...check the time it came through...i might have been sleepy).

The lake will be so nice! I love the water. Parker will get to swim all day and recover from Third Grade and we'll be relaxed because we're not at home thinking of all the things we need to do at home. Oh, it is going to be so nice. Really, so so nice.

Now, will I be a crazy sewing mess for the next three days as we prepare to leave? Yes. I'm aiming to have all orders placed up through this Wednesday in the mail by Thursday. So, if you've been dying to get a market bag but didn't want to is your time. Because starting Thursday, there will be a 2 week turnaround again.


  1. Too gorgeous----but vacation first, yes (am just finishing up one myself), and even better when there's water. Enjoy!

  2. Ahh I better get my order in so!

  3. the bag is beautiful:)
    now go relax!

  4. just placed my order - i hope i got it in in time!!! have a great vacation either way! :)


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