Sunday, June 1, 2008

Studio Updates

I posted some photos a few weeks ago about my new fabric racks. They have been the most useful addition to the studio work space. We live in an open loft space that shares my work space and part of Jeremy's work space as well as our house. Organization makes living much easier when you have a 10 year old, two adults, a cat, an electronics workshop and the Moop workshop all in one place. Once the fabric racks were hung it became apparent how much organization we really needed to do. So, last weekend Jeremy designed and built an amazing new work table for the Moop studio. !!!!

If you look behind the two sewing machines and below all of the hanging bags you'll see the table. It has a large 3' x 6' butcher block top and four wide pull out drawers of the same size. He used this beautiful aluminum tubing to make the infrastructure which worked perfectly in line with sliding tracks so the drawers could be pull out drawers.

We usually spend a few days every week just cutting all of the parts for the bags and until last weekend they would sit in piles on any open surface until they were sewn up into bags. Now, they can be neatly stored away and lie completely flat until they are ready to be used. It also means we can cut more pieces at a time because there is a place to put everything. woo hoo! I love things that make my work flow more efficient. If I'm more efficient during the week then I can take more time off on the weekends. Efficiency and organization are very satisfying.


  1. That's awesome. I'm so jealous of your big open studio and your handy man!

  2. I love to see the creative spaces where artists work. I only wish my studio looked like yours! Thanks for the great links to wonderful Pittsburgh places, I love to see my hometown favorites in unexpected places.

  3. What a gorgeous table!!! Isn't it great living with a handyman? :)

  4. I've admired your bags on etsy for quite some time now, they're lovely. I am curious to know where you purchase your fabric. I love all of the muted tones, but the vibrant red is especially beautiful. Is it possible for you to reveal that, or is it a trade secret?

    Also, what an amazing workspace. My little nook in my room for sewing is no longer as cool as I thought it was once.


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