Sunday, June 8, 2008


I love to see where makers make what they make. I think it gives a really nice insight to how someone works. One of my favorite things about being part of an art program (in both undergrad and grad school) was going to see the spaces people worked in. It's always interesting to see how things are set up and what sorts of devices have been built to make a studio easier to work in and how it reflects the person who works there. So, I was of course excited to see this site called WhereWeDoWhatWeDo (found via the fabulous SwissMiss). I uploaded a photo of my work space. The photo is old and the studio has evolved so much since this was taken last summer, but I love the light that's coming in through the windows. It is one of my favorite things about working here all day.

The site needs some filling out, though. I'm curious to see where all of you make what you make or do what you do. Go and upload a photo, create a little page. It's super easy. Then, leave a comment here with a link back to it, so we can all see what you do. Click here for a link to my posting.

Also, here's an updated photo of my work space that I took this morning.


  1. It is amazing how your business has grown and thus, your work area. What a studio!

  2. I love seeing where my all-time favorite bag (the fraulein tote) was born. What a lovely studio you have.

  3. Hi, I love reading your blog been reading it for a while now, I can tell you really love what you do. Just left a comment on your page on "wherewedowhatwedo" really great space and to think that you are moving to ANOTHER much MUCH bigger space...things can only get better. Good luck.
    I have linked your blog to mine, check it out at


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