Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Building 8

A few months ago we were considering moving to the intriguing town of Troy, NY. It would have meant a long commute for Jeremy, but one we were considering would be worth it in the end. After much deliberation we finally decided to stay, and take on more space in the building we currently live in. One of the advantages of living in a small town that used to be home to thriving industry is the large warehouse buildings with ample space available for a reasonable price. Upon moving here 2 years ago we never would have imagined we would inhabit so much of that space. Many exciting things have evolved in that time and it seems we need (need?) more space. So, the new space we've moved into is roughly 9,000 square feet. HUGE! Far too much space for us but it's going to be a fun year.

Prior to us moving in it was warehousing space. Jeremy quickly started pulling up the masonite that was covering the wood floors, painted part of the walls, sanded and finished a portion of the floor and built some partition walls. We're dividing the space up into several areas. It will contain our photo/lighting studio, the wood shop, electronics shop, paint/spray stalls, music/practice space, a mini-ramp (for skateboarding), screen printing studio, Parker's studio (yes, it's so huge she gets a studio), storage, and our pseudo living room (so we can be in there all the time!). I've never had this much space that I had free reign over. I'll continue to document how the space evolves. It's an exciting project. We're thinking of it as a staging ground for wherever we end up next. We'll spread out for a year (or so) while we build all of our studio furniture with the mindset that we will ultimately have a significantly smaller space that will house us, our studios and the rest of our lives.

Here's a few photos. You can find more on my flickr page. woo!

from the front looking towards the back left

the back wall with all of the wood shop tools

the front which houses the lighting studio - jeremy refinished the floor in one night.

standing near the front, looking towards the back

That's all for now. We're super excited. I want to have a huge party once everything is set up.


  1. This looks SO amazing! Have you seen the most recent Readymade with the folks from Somthing's Hiding in Here? They started with a raw space like this and made it really perfect.
    My husband and I were just talking tonight about how badly we want to move back to Northampton/Easthampton. We didn't realize how great it was until we left (but, it's definitely not for everyone). Best of luck with the space and with settling in. I know it's hard to be away from where you feel your home should be.

  2. woah! that's so awesome...congrats! so this 9000 sq ft is in addition to your awesome living space? as in, dedicated work space?? so rad. can't wait to see it all up in running!

  3. Troy, NY, huh? My old stomping ground. Mom even owned a bar there for a spell... I'd go for Pittsburgh!

    The new space looks amazing. Revel!

  4. what an amazing space! the wood floors are gorgeous.

  5. Wendy. It looks like a gigantic version of where I live. I want to visit!


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