Tuesday, July 15, 2008

making good things better

I just finished making and photographing a new clutch. It's so great I can hardly contain myself. I took a visit to my local fabric warehouse about a week ago. I was looking for canvas and only canvas. Did I find canvas? NO! Did I even make it to the canvas area of the warehouse? NO! Why? Because I was so enamored with Ultra-Suede, I did not make it any further.
I know, I know, ULTRA-SUEDE?!!!? Wasn't that "so out of style" by the early 90's? Maybe. But I, Moop, will be the one to bring it back. I'm starting small, to prepare you all for the comeback of an amazing {UH-MAZING!} material. I just have the initial photographs to show, but will have some character shots soon (you know...to show its..uh..character. yeah. character.)

Now say character 10 times.


p.s. you can find the new clutch in the shop. here.

1 comment:

  1. just got mine yesterday---a tough little customer yet elegant and, yes, sleek. ready to go many places (well-stuffed with many items).


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