Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New and organic!

Time away is so important to keeping the working mind working. I admit, I acted as though I was still on vacation for at least 2 days after arriving home...maybe 3, but then I got right to work! I was able to redesign the Market Bag, make two new colors in the Fraulein Tote, sew up the new (organic!) Market Bag, get them all photographed and make a batch of existing Market Bag orders...all within the last 3 days. I feel so revived!

Here's a bit of what I've been working on:

The Fraulein Tote in Provincial Blue, available on the NEW website (

The Fraulein Tote in Black. I know, there are many of you who have been eager to see Moop in Black, the time has come. I have finally found a black material I like. It has been slightly distressed so it's not as deep and velvety looking (I don't like deep velvety black canvas) and it is the same corded canvas as the Sand, Rosewood and Provincial Blue. I love working with this stuff, it's perfect material for bags:

And lastly, the Organic Cotton Market Bag. I have been searching high and low for a good supplier of organic cotton that was also dyed with organic vegetable based dyes. I have finally found one. The fabric is luxuriously soft, durable and just plain pretty. I think it's the prettiest bag I've made yet. Also available at


  1. Oh my, that organic tote is lovely. I really like the shade, and the fabric looks so yummy.

  2. Congrats on your own website! My wife loves your bags, and I might have to hold off from telling her about the Fraulein in in black, we're short on cash here and I know she will not be able to resist!

    Good luck with the new website, I love watching your shop grow! If you have any friends in need of a portable chicken coop, have them check out my blog. Organic Fresh Eggs!


  3. I am really drooling over the black tote and organic cotton. So superb!

  4. oh I love The Fraulein Tote but when I click on the link - it doesn't work! Please, please let me know when the link is working.. it's a FABULOUS bag!!!!


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