Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Handmade Events

I'm just finishing my breakfast (an english muffin and coffee, if you care to know), reading my email and prepping myself for everything that needs to be done today (all inside work, very difficult when outside is so beautiful...the weather here has been uh.mazing the last two days), when upon checking my email I see a message from Handmade Arcade. My first response was, "don't open need to start the day off with rejection." Jeremy and I joke about how I am never accepted to things and I never ever win prizes. Well, today is the day for both! I was accepted! Rather, WE were accepted! I applied to share a booth with Jamie of PghTravelAgency and it's going to be so much fun! I don't typically do craft fairs but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to spend the weekend with Jamie! Handmade Arcade is in the city of Pittsburgh (the city I want to live in) and will be chock full of talented makers of stuff you don't necessarily need but really want to have (the quintessential craft show). This will be your opportunity to see all the Moop bags in person, so mark your calendars for November 8&9.

On to the prize...well, I have not won one yet...but! if you go here, you could help me win! I entered the Market Bag in the Etsy Handmade Kids Challenge because (as many of you know) it makes a great diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag (key elements of retaining style while raising kids). I don't have high expectations and I never enter contests (because I am a sore looser) (I decided long ago, it was better to just not play than to play and be bratty) but, maybe I have a chance at this one? And, I promise I will not be a brat if I don't win (besides, who could compete with something as cute as this?).

Sunday, August 24, 2008


pssst! the market bag just had a face lift...or a tummy tuck...or an interior re-design. now, the market bag has 3 pouch pockets (each about6"x7") and one large zipper pocket (14" x7")...i know...finally!

i'm sorry it took so long. i've been testing it out on a few customers and trying various kinds/types/styles of zipper and have finally settled on the right one. so, i custom ordered a set of zippers (because i'm particular like that) which arrived last week, i've re-worked the interior pattern and my production methods and now the market bag is even more awesome.

i am always slow to make changes to my patterns...rather, i am careful to ensure that any changes made are improvements that i have tried over and over before i make them available on the bags. this newest's pretty nice. woo!

p.s. i also just re-designed the website..lightened things up a bit...i would love to know what you think! did you know if you re-fresh your browser the front page of moopshop changes?

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Oh, swoon. I found this woman on Etsy yesterday. As Etsy membership grows, it is more and more difficult to find all the greatness, but Yokoo...she blows pretty much everyone out of the water. I'm completely in love with her scarves and her photographs...those photographs! I must have a Warmer. The time of year when you get to wear big chunky scarves (without the big chunky coat) is coming up and I can't wait! It's my favorite part of the year!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Messenger

This will be in the shop today! I'm off for a morning bike ride then will sit down to upload the newest bag to the various shops, then sew like mad to get a few more bags in the mail before the noon mail drop, then cut and pin and pleat for a run of bags today and tomorrow, then somewhere in there have a few moments to spend with Parker (she just arrived home from 4 weeks of summer camp)...there's no time off for the next few weeks. It's super busy right now.

Have a great weekend!

Oh, I just uploaded some new photos of the kid's bag to my flikr page. They were taken in the new studio space. I love having a willing model to photograph (especially one as pretty as Parker). You should see the charade I go through to photograph myself...

I love this new photo of the kid's bag:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Bookbag for Kids

Now in the Etsy shop...the bookbag for kids! Order soon, because I'm running pretty close to my 2 week turnaround time..and school starts before you know it! ah!

I'm in love with this bag. Parker brought it to camp with her and it more than weathered the environment. I'll post some photos on's amazing how dirty it is. !

So, one awesome feature I'm doing on the kids bag is personalization. I do not like personalization in any other circumstance. I think it looks silly...but for kids, hell yeah! So, under the flap next to the Moop logo, you can have your kids name there, too! It is 10 bucks extra and it's only available directly through me...but they will look dandy with it. woo!

Oh! It is also available in a few other colors that I have not had time to photograph and get up on the various sites, so if you are interested in any of the following, just send me an email:
  • gunmetal (lined in light sage canvas)
  • black corded canvas (lined in green organic cotton)
  • Provincial Blue (lined in alaskan blue organic cotton)

Monday, August 11, 2008

A cautionary tale

Pay your parking tickets.

Lest you find yourself out for a lovely evening with your husband because your child is away at summer camp for just a few more days and you are desiring to get in just a few more dates that do not require the hiring of a child-sitter.

For, upon leaving the lovely location where you enjoyed listening to very nice people attempting karaoke and watching the Olympics – of which you have been so anticipating the swimming events – you may find, mere seconds after you pull out of the parking lot, flashing lights of the police car sort desiring to do some good ol’ policing. As you sit there, frustrated and bewildered, thinking, “What could I have done in 15 feet of driving before this police flashed his unwelcome lights?” When, while scrambling for your license and registration, you hear the reason for the policing action was one tiny burnt out headlight. So, as the policeman (he was a man) suddenly shape-shifts into a version of the Grinch, and you restrain yourself from saying, “Really? A headlight? Is that all you have to police in this town?” You hand the jolly Grinch your proper documents which state you are legally able to drive this car that you own and paid money for and have paid for every single one of the five recent $600 repairs and feel a close connection to because you have paid for it 6 times over just to keep it running, only to find none of that matters because your registration has expired, which is a cruddy law enforcement term for “your car is not actually yours anymore, it is mine and you may not drive it from this spot.” Yes, rather than say, “You’re kidding, right? Is that all you have to police in this town? Because I hear the patronizingly apologetic swagger in your voice as you say to me that you’re really sorry you have to do this, it’s your job and you simply have no other choice but to tow this car - and if you’d like you could just ‘hang out at the station’ (code for, throw you in the slammer because you are a criminal for not renewing your registration) while you sort this all out. I hear all of that Sergeant Grinch but I know that you really can just let me drive home in this car (that is mine, not yours) you just have nothing better to do!” Yes, rather than saying that, you might find yourself simply starring blankly at how easy this is for him to just laugh as though he is doing you a favor by laughing through all of this.

Next he may tell you that you may call AAA (that service you pay for in order to have someone tow you when you need it but will not come through for you when you really need it). You call AAA. They say, “Oh! Your registration has expired which means you do not own your car. Oh, no no no no NO! We cannot tow a car that is illegal and how dare you call to ask us such a thing! Do you think we are criminals, like you…you illegal car owner who does not think it important to renew your registration?” You may find yourself left with the only other option. Paying the tow truck driver $200 to tow your car 30 miles back to your house while you ride in the front with him trying to make small talk about how few cars there are on the road (doesn’t he realize it’s not very tactful to make small talk about cars when your passenger’s car is being carried from one charming town to another and not because it has broken down? Doesn’t he realize passengers might not want to make small talk about how many cars are not on the road?).

Upon arriving home and finishing up with the tow truck driver, you may pull out the ticket written by Srgt. Jolly Grinch and see that he only wrote the ticket for the expired registration and not the headlight. You may think to yourself, “How nice. I only have to pay $100 more to buy my car back from the state. How nice of that policing jolly Grinch to overlook the headlight.” Nevermind that you may have preferred a ticket for the headlight to spending 2 hours, $300 and all of the following day dealing with his generosity.

So, friends, pay your parking tickets. For, none of this would have happened had I paid that $5 parking ticket I received 18 months ago (and forgot about). Because, as the officer told me, “With all of this new technology, I could have just let you renew online and you would have been on your way, but you are even more of a criminal and cannot renew your registration because you have an unpaid parking ticket (chuckle chuckle).”

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The New Messenger

It's getting there...I made a few mistakes...left out the oh-so-important closure detail...but I hope to have it in the shop soon soon soon...for reals. i promise.

Initially it will be available in deep espresso brown and a lighter camel brown. Both will be lined in 1000D heathered earthy green cordura (that's super duper strong and insanely water resistant).

Monday, August 4, 2008

The gunmetal Hip Pouch

Fianlly, FINALLY! I have made and photographed the gunmetal hip pouch. It's in the Etsy shop right now and will be on the main website by this evening.
woo woo!

p.s. it's available in rosewood, too!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I have had so many requests for a black Market Bag over the last several months. Since those first requests I have been searching for a suitable black material. I'm rather particular about color, hue, texture and weight when it comes to fabric. Everything I had been finding was either too this or too that, but I have finally found that the corded canvas is a suitable - nay, perfect - material for the bag. It has been slightly distressed so it is not a deep velvety color but slightly faded with a corduroy texture. It works great with the market bag design. You can find it here.

p.s. it is also available in the Fraulein Tote