Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Bookbag for Kids

Now in the Etsy shop...the bookbag for kids! Order soon, because I'm running pretty close to my 2 week turnaround time..and school starts before you know it! ah!

I'm in love with this bag. Parker brought it to camp with her and it more than weathered the environment. I'll post some photos on's amazing how dirty it is. !

So, one awesome feature I'm doing on the kids bag is personalization. I do not like personalization in any other circumstance. I think it looks silly...but for kids, hell yeah! So, under the flap next to the Moop logo, you can have your kids name there, too! It is 10 bucks extra and it's only available directly through me...but they will look dandy with it. woo!

Oh! It is also available in a few other colors that I have not had time to photograph and get up on the various sites, so if you are interested in any of the following, just send me an email:
  • gunmetal (lined in light sage canvas)
  • black corded canvas (lined in green organic cotton)
  • Provincial Blue (lined in alaskan blue organic cotton)


  1. This is so awesome Wendy. I am sure it would be great for adults too!

  2. I'm going to second that -- this looks like it would be great for an adult to carry, too. In fact, I might get one for myself!


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