Thursday, August 21, 2008


Oh, swoon. I found this woman on Etsy yesterday. As Etsy membership grows, it is more and more difficult to find all the greatness, but Yokoo...she blows pretty much everyone out of the water. I'm completely in love with her scarves and her photographs...those photographs! I must have a Warmer. The time of year when you get to wear big chunky scarves (without the big chunky coat) is coming up and I can't wait! It's my favorite part of the year!


  1. greetings from vancouver
    yes i have been checking in on her for originator indeed!

    you are inspiring yourself ms moop!

  2. In the great circuitous-ness of the internet I found your site through her flickr page, via the Etsy featured Seller! You both set the Etsy bar to a new hight of beauty and design, so good to see. I've been hovering in the commitment to sell on there, and your blog is informative and inspirational both. Well done and good luck with your tons of sewing!


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