Sunday, August 24, 2008


pssst! the market bag just had a face lift...or a tummy tuck...or an interior re-design. now, the market bag has 3 pouch pockets (each about6"x7") and one large zipper pocket (14" x7")...i know...finally!

i'm sorry it took so long. i've been testing it out on a few customers and trying various kinds/types/styles of zipper and have finally settled on the right one. so, i custom ordered a set of zippers (because i'm particular like that) which arrived last week, i've re-worked the interior pattern and my production methods and now the market bag is even more awesome.

i am always slow to make changes to my patterns...rather, i am careful to ensure that any changes made are improvements that i have tried over and over before i make them available on the bags. this newest's pretty nice. woo!

p.s. i also just re-designed the website..lightened things up a bit...i would love to know what you think! did you know if you re-fresh your browser the front page of moopshop changes?


  1. Hello, I got a burnt olive market bag in July and have been using it since. I love it.

    I do agree though that a zip pocket is a great addition!

  2. your bags were already so great, didn't know there could be any improvements. =)

    love your site, love your blog.

  3. Hey Wendy!

    You asked for site feedback -- as a Web designer myself, I love the look of white space, but I find that the current design doesn't have an anchor for the text at the top -- the links for the bags. So my eye tends to flicker around the site rather than knowing where to rest. The last design had a bit more weight to it with the colours in the background, because they anchored the text in something concrete. Maybe combine the two somehow? Use a lighter colour in the background rather than just the white space? Just a suggestion. I hope that makes sense and that it helps as constructive input.

    Also, I just want to thank you again for my absolutely divine redesigned messenger bag. It's absolutely amazing and perfect for my needs. Send some business cards my way if you'd like! I'm fantastic at promoting other people's wares when I use and like them. :)



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