Sunday, September 28, 2008

The end of one...the start of another

This past week has been fraught with emotion (both positive and difficult)...some of it self-inflicted by a series of bad decisions (my own bad decisions), some due to equipment failures (ugh), some due to seeing (again) the reality of human nature (not everyone shows integrity) and some from realizing the importance of positive relationships (thanks valerie, paula, kate and jeremy for all of the words of support this week). I think the weeks that feel like they bring you so low you can't see why you do what you do, are important to have every now and then (oh, the knowledge of hindsight). If you work through and turn to those you respect, admire and love, then embarking upon that climb back up to where you can't even see that low point anymore is a lot easier.

Often, I am just going along, doing what I do, not thinking too much about how or why, when I'm faced with having to define for myself why I do what I do and how I continue to make it work for me ( that called growth?). It's not always the most easy thing to confront. Sometimes you see your own behavior has hindered you..or your own obsession with things that do not matter that keep you from focusing on what is important and you loose sight of the skills and knowledge you have gained. But through it all, if you're willing, you humble yourself and begin to see the value in what you do and the relationships you have forged.

This new week is going to be better. My sewing machine has returned and is working better than ever (it was burrs on the bobbin loopers). I will have another person begin working for/with me this week (welcome Sarah!). This will help me to come out from under the overwhelming amount of sewing that needs to be done every day and allow me to better manage all aspects of the business...and hopefully shorten my turnaround time for orders. I have realized (again) how lucky I am to have Jeremy as a constant source of support, encouragement, advice and know-how. And to have Parker...the charming 10 year old who keeps me grounded. They are wonderful and I am lucky.

I apologize for the armchair post this morning...I know, we're not supposed to show our weaknesses in this competitive world we live in, but I can't deny that I am emotional..and therefore take it as reassurance that Moop is run by humans..not robots.

I am looking forward to this new week. It's going to be really good.


  1. i do believe that in showing who we really are, with the flaws, vulnerability and strength, we receive back much more than if we try to act from old, conservative business rules...

  2. i hope your week this week is really good, and i am sorry that you had such a very bad week the last week. i have been following your blog for a little bit now, and you are a constant source of inspiration and motivation (i also make handmade bags and about three months ago this became my full time job). i am also self taught, and though i am nowhere near where you are now, a girl can hope. i think that the things that you make are beautiful and i know what it takes and what goes into such well crafted and handmade goodness. so anyway, CHEER UP! PLEASE! because you and what you do are both great!

  3. "Moop is run by humans..not robots"

    That says it all-----the world's gotten so anonymous, impersonal, digitalized, virtual, and it always becomes a lot less so when carrying a Moop and other handmade goodness.

    Thank you for sharing and making!

  4. I too hope you have a better week. Thanks for posting this. It's nice to know that others have similar moments. It's also good to remember that if YOU feel good about yourself and your work, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. It all comes around.

  5. hurrah for humans that recognize that having your own business is HARD!!!! and REWARDING!

  6. aw! todd! come for a visit! we miss you too!

  7. p.s. thank you (all of you) for such encouraging support. everyday i have a new appreciation for the power of the internets...there are great people out there ( all!).


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