Tuesday, September 9, 2008

re-group, re-organize, become sane again, become better

i am so excited to have finally hired someone to help me with piece work. it's something i should have done months ago. i am still battling the imbalance that has happened from starting a business with no intentions of starting a business (and every single facet of it relying on my own labor), to it becoming a successful venture that i love and have plans of continuing to grow for years to come. for the first time in my life i have a 10 year plan! kind of, anyway. bits and pieces written down on paper (or the stickie note app. on my ibook)..but, mostly the mental commitment that stability is an alright thing to achieve. this is the longest i have lived in one place (just over 2 years) and from the day we moved here, i've been thinking about moving away. not because i don't like the town (i like the town/s), but because i have commitment issues...those are waning, though and i'm committed more than ever to where we live. it's a great place! and i've met some great people! yay for western massachusetts!

so, the second reason for my note today. as i re-structure everything and begin to think of this business as a group of people all working together to grow a company built upon the philosophy of the handmade revolution (and furthering that revolution), i'm looking to hire a second person to do piece work. if you live in the pioneer valley are super skilled with a sewing machine (i'm very particular about craftsmanship) and would like to work with me....send me an email because i want to meet you! i'm looking forward to this next stage of Moop...and how fun it will be if you can be a part of it, too!

i think this is the next wave of the handmade culture. a term that is used to define a sub-culture rather than a process, because the reality is that most everything we consume/purchase/use is handmade...it is just too often by hands that are under paid or exploited or not protected under worker's rights or government agencies. as each of us individually have made a stance by learning how to make things ourselves and sharing those with consumers around the world (thanks Etsy!)..some of us have found successful businesses within that and are faced with a super great opportunity to grow a business that keeps the same ethics and working sensibility to create long term businesses that can slowly slowly begin to shape the way businesses are thought about and started and how they operate and who they serve and who benefits and how they grow. it's exciting and i'm super thrilled to be a part of it....so, do you want to join me?

here's where you can let me know if you're interested: moopshop at gmail dot com


  1. I wish I was nearby, I would be happy to work for you! Oh, well.

  2. Hi there,
    Well, I see that you hired someone, darnit. I was waiting to apply after I'd also applied to another part time position, which I interviewed for today. I live in Ehamp, right near Eastworks, sew and craft like crazy, and have worked with kids forever (not a mom, yet), so if you ever need a fill-in I'm available.
    I'll follow this up with an email later today.


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