Friday, September 12, 2008

sewing and singing

This is what Jeremy is doing tonight.
(he's performing at the university of maine)
(and the music is great...he's been writing new stuff...and it is so good)

This is what I am doing tonight.
(my studio this morning, just before i started working)
(i'm still working....)


  1. wendy... it was so awesome to meet you and your family last weekend! i've taken a week off from sewing and am getting back into the swing of things (not to mention teaching) this weekend.
    you know... i must tell you... if i didn't already have a full- time job and other things on top of that... i would sew for you and moop in a heart beat! i think you're tops! and, after seeing you and the market bag in person... i'm saving up my money for one! (i like to have goals...)
    happy sewing wendy! have a lovely weekend...

  2. Good luck with that massive pile of market bags awaiting your skilled hands. Hope you are able to find a wee bit of down time this weekend to unwind a bit. The kids bookbag in the provincial blue looks terrific, great model by the way. Enjoy the sewing! ~Melanie

  3. I love reading your blog. What you do and how you do it is so inspiring.

  4. have i told you how much i love your studio before???
    wow, it amazes me. especially with all those fabby rolls of cotton.
    aaah heaven.
    does your husband's music have a name? (i'm curious..)
    lorna x

  5. hi lorna,
    jeremy was one of the founding members of joan of arc - a chicago based rock band. he has released a few albums under his own name - jeremy boyle - currently he has been writing music for the self playing guitar and drum set he designed and built, but nothing is recorded - save for a few clips on his website.


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